ArtELingo: A Million Emotion Annotations of WikiArt with Emphasis on Diversity over Language and Culture

Mohamed Abdelfattah

Shyma Alhuwaider

Feifan Li

Xiangliang Zhang

Kenneth Ward Church

Mohamed Elhoseiny

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), University of Notre Dame, Northeastern University



This paper introduces ArtELingo, a new benchmark and dataset, designed to encourage work on diversity across languages and cultures. Following ArtEmis, a collection of 80k artworks from WikiArt with 0.45M emotion labels and English-only captions, ArtELingo adds another 0.79M annotations in Arabic and Chinese, plus 4.8K in Spanish to evaluate “cultural-transfer” performance. More than 51K artworks have 5 annotations or more in 3 languages. This diversity makes it possible to study similarities and differences across languages and cultures. Further, we investigate captioning tasks, and find diversity improves the performance of baseline models. ArtELingo is publicly available1 with standard splits and baseline models. We hope our work will help ease future research on multilinguality and culturally-aware AI.

Examples from ArtELingo